The best 2 years of my LIFE!


The past two years have been amazing...we've traveled Europe, made wishes that have come true, claimed our identity as a couple in our foreign surroundings, and all of it was done while holding hands! I love you so much, and am looking forward to a lifetime of anniversary's with you!

Your partner in crime,


Our Dallas Trip

Dallas was amazing! We were able to see and do a lot of things, and of course it went by too fast. I'll do my best to recount our short :)

We flew in on Friday and joined the family for Babe's. Stephen had missed fried chicken and was REALLY excited to eat some tenders. Saturday morning we helped Lindsay and Jeremy get ready for Mackenzie's first birthday party. It was a complete success, and the princess loved all of her toys...and her uncle Stephen! She was attached to him the whole trip! It was really cute...but don't worry-he's got me on lockdown. No funny ideas! That night we met Glenda, RP and Kelly for dinner at Uncle Julio's. 24 hours and I was already having Mexican food! Yummy!

Sunday mom and I headed to the State Fair of Texas. We didn't partake in all things fried (big sigh from all of you haters) but we did get a little taste of the deep fried bacon and it was delightful! We rode a ride (which I hadn't done since HS) and enjoyed our day together!

Monday was a shopping day...did you expect any less?? Lindsay (with Mackenzie) and Natalie (with Olivia) met us up at Northpark, and my mom's friend Lori even had a cameo! We shopped until we dropped and then had a little happy hour treat at Kona like old times. Marc stopped by and the Dotson's joined us as well. Cheap sushi makes me happy!

Tuesday, Stephen went golfing and I went to visit my old school to see my teacher friends I hadn't seen in a while. I miss it!! Afterwards I met my mom, Natalie and Olivia for some more shopping! My mom and I are good, and I missed NorthPark terribly :) We had a great time and then met Andy, Stephen, Lindsay and Mackenzie at Fireside Pies for some grub.

Wednesday my mom and I stopped by Brooke's (my HS friend) house to see her new addition. Addison (her son) is SO tiny and cute. We then made our way to Kelly's house in Highland Park for the remainder of our stay. That night, we went to Sambuca's to meet up with some friends. Catherine, Seychelle, Kat, Lorie & Jesse, Stefani, Aimee, Kelly, Stephen and I enjoyed some wine and talked about the past. It was a blast. Afterwards, we headed to Manny's where we met Derek, Marc, Becca, John and Claire! It was so fun...and great to see everyone!

Thursday Glenda and I headed out to run some errands, stopping for lunch at Cafe Neimans (we thought it was the Zodiac but were corrected) with Jeanette, Jolene and Kelly. Glenda and I continued to shop and then headed back home so we could cook a family meal. It was so good to have a quiet Dotson dinner :)

Friday Kelly, Glenda and I headed out to the Allen Outlet Malls to shop around for a bit...because Kelly was sick, ha! (From work at least!) We enjoyed the day, bought some cute shoes and then headed back to HP. That night we had a spaghetti dinner with the Holmes (our cousins), Jeremy, Lindsay and Mackenzie, and Hayley! We had a great time talking and laughing. Hayley and I had tickets to go see Matt Nathanson at the House of Blues, so we jetted out for that. When we returned, the party was still going...dancing and all!! We then met up with some old Baylor friends at a little party and then ended up playing pool at Corner Bar. Typical Friday night, right?

Saturday we had lunch at Chili's (Stephen made it all week without caving) and then met up with my parents, Natalie and Olivia at the Fox Sports Grill to watch the games. We had a nice dinner that night at Bluefish with all of our family in town and then Stephen, Kelly and I headed to Aimee's 30th birthday party..."Wiggin' Out." It was a blast!

Sunday we woke up, packed, headed to brunch at Blue Mesa and then headed out. We made it back safely and full of excitement for the last leg of our journey! Don't worry that I was a mess...but it's also nice to know that we'll be back for good soon! Until then, we've got a lot to do and see here! You've got about 8 months to come visit us...get on it!!!
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