Happy Valentine's Day from G-Dog

Gracie wanted you to know you are all loved...

The Future Mrs. Sorenson

My sister Hayley said "YES!" She and Matt are very excited, and so are we! Congrats you two!!

Natalie and Andy came to town...

My brother and sister-in-law left today after a week-long visit. They intended to come into town the week of my Grandfather's funeral. Luckily, they were able to rebook their tickets and come and see us a week later!

On Friday, we met Andy and Natalie in Paris and set out to tour the city. We were able to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc and of course Champs Elysses...where we spent the majority of the day! That evening we went back to the Arc to capture pictures of the Eiffel tower at night. It was really cold and windy, but we persevered the steps up and the cold and got some great pics!

On Saturday, we toured the city some more, and did some more shopping! We headed back to Liege that afternoon and made it in time to have a typical "Liegeois" dinner. Afterwards we introduced N&A to the local drink, "Peket" and a night on the town in Liege. We were exhausted by Sunday, so we slept in and took our time heading to Amsterdam.

Once in the city, we checked into our hotel and then walked to the Red Light. Didn't waste any time, did we? We then headed to an Australian bar to get a seat for the Superbowl. Yes, we watched the American Superbowl in an Australian bar in the Netherlands. Amazing...ha! We had a great time playing spades and having drinks watching the Superbowl...which ended at 4:30am our time. Again, we were exhausted on Monday and slept in!

We ended their time here by going to Brussels. They were able to see all of the Belgian monuments and landmarks, and most importantly get a waffle! It was sad to see them go, but we had so much fun while they were here! AND...we'll be home shortly enough and have many more fun weekends ahead!

Saying Goodbye

My grandfather's funeral was amazing. It was full of his life and legacy, friendships and funny stories. We had a great time visiting with his friends and family and honoring his life. At his graveside they had a "Veteran's" service, with a 21-gun salute and then folding of the American Flag for my grandmother. It was very emotional and peaceful.

After the funeral I stayed in Tulsa with my parents, grandmother and Aunts. We had a great time relaxing and celebrating Aunt Pegi's Birthday! I was able to see my sweet nieces in Dallas for a short bit before heading back to Belgium...which was amazing! They grow up so fast!

Since I've been home things haven't slowed down...but I like that it's busy! The time flies by quickly, and before you know it, we'll be back home!