A Month Away...

It's hard to believe when Stephen first mentioned this job opening that we'd be a month away from leaving! We were in the kitchen, and discussed the opportunity at hand. Stephen has always dreamed of going back to Europe to live for a while, and I had always dreamed of being spontaneous! I have to say that in the beginning I didn't think this would become a reality...but here we are, "A month away!"

I received the news while teaching school...I was actually hiding in the closet when he called so the students wouldn't see! I was excited and cheerful when I got the news, that is until I spoke with my mom! I think we lasted 2 minutes talking about it until we were in tears! We've done a good job, my family and I, not talking like it's goodbye but instead planning visits!

Stephen and I are VERY fortunate, and we are so excited to begin this journey together! And I am very excited to see all of these locations Stephen speaks so fond of :)

We're excited for you to experience this journey with us, through the blog or by your own special European visits with us! God Bless!

The Dotson's are Moving!

Yes, it's true. Most of you are probably already aware that Katie and I are moving to Liege, Belgium.

The following link, along with this blog, will chronicle our lives as we embark on this new journey...
The Dotson European Adventure