We're alive and kicking...

It's been a complete whirlwind since we stepped foot on American soil. In a span of two weeks we looked at over 30 homes, and eventually found our diamond in the rough. We close on our house on June 30th...so give us a few weeks before you come visit :)

In the meantime we bought two cars and are knee deep in appliance purchasing and furniture shopping! Things are crazy around here...but everything has worked out so seamlessly and we couldn't have asked for an easier transition!

I'll post a picture of the house as soon as the keys are in my hands--until then I'll do what I can to adjust to the 100 degree weather and apply my sunscreen!

Box it up and ship it out!

Well, our European Adventure is over. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm excited to be home, with family and friends that I've missed so much, but I'm also sad to leave the friends that I've gotten so close with here. I feel torn. And exhausted. And it's not going to slow down. We'll be busy looking for a house, cars, setting up accounts, etc. in the states the first few weeks, so though I don't see an end in sight...I'm so ready for the next adventure!

I took some pictures today while the movers were here! They use an elevator to send things down after they've got everything boxed up. I thought it was pretty cool! And you can play a little game with these pictures, too! "Where's Gracie!" The first one's a little easy...

I was so intrigued by the moving "elevator" that I had to do a video montage. Not sure why I was so interested...but I was! Wish we could always be this lazy with a move :)

Saying goodbye...

Stephen's coworkers Ava and Gill threw Stephen and I a "Surprise" going away party last weekend. We knew we were having dinner at Ava's, but had NO IDEA she had planned for other coworkers to be there and to bring gifts...and Ava even made a video!! It was extremely thoughtful, sweet and generous of everyone...not to mention how yummy Ava's Indian cooking was! She's good!!! Both Ava and Gill were instrumental in my success here...I owe them both so much! I'm going to miss them, but they've both planned trips to see us...just have to make sure to have a BBQ so Ava will show up :)

Me with the hostesses, Ava and Gill!

We also had a little going away dinner with the girls from my work the night before. We met up at school and they had a little surprise champagne and some gifts! It was very nice of them, and I think we all had a laugh and enjoyed each others company! We then walked down to Park d'Avroy to have dinner and more laughs. Both Stephen and I are very lucky to have been able to work with such cool people!

Gene 2, Katika, Gene 1, Lisa and I

I drove to Brussels last weekend as well to have dinner with my Bible Study girls. We ate in Hoelaert, near Michelle's place. We had a great time talking, laughing and eating over wine! It wasn't a huge surprise that we got little Bible studying done and a lot of laughter instead, but that's a typical night out with these friends! I'm going to miss our long chats about random (and not always appropriate, ha) things, but I'm so thankful we have become as close as we have! I look forward to many Skype conversations and trips!
Michelle, Myself and Sarah (Shannon is missing)

Our great friend, and Stephen's coworker, Maite had us over on Sunday for a meal and fun with some of her (and no our) friends. Through Maite we've made lifelong friends, and we always have so much fun with them. Hopefully, if they keep their promises, they will all come and visit us in TX! We can't wait to introduce you to them :)
Anneminne, Stephen, Me, Maite, Carole, Virginie, Gregoire

Christophe, Me, Stephen, Maite, Anneminne, Gregoire, Carole
-at dinner my last night in Liege

And finally, knowing how much we LOVE Mexican food, Ava and Paul treated us to a Mexican/Spanish food evening out! We had so much fun...and of course LOVED our share of Mexican food and margaritas! I was so shocked at the quality of Mexican food in Flanders, Belgium. You'd think it wouldn't be very good...you'd be wrong! We ate until we were full, and laughed until our stomachs hurt! Thanks Ava and Paul...again, you're a complete blessing in our lives! We appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us! See you Summer '11!!

We've been SO fortunate for this opportunity, and we did our best to make it worthwhile and cherish every moment and every new adventure, but we'd be lying if we said we did it alone. I remember when Stephen and I first moved, and we were so nervous that we'd never find anyone we'd understand, or better yet understand us. We figured we'd go it alone and not have a social life or any friends. Boy were we wrong! Each and every one of our friends has impacted us in such a different way, and we're so thankful for all of you! Saying goodbye is so bittersweet...but I know for a fact I will see each one of you again, and I can't wait! BISOUS!