30 weeks and SNOW...

I know I promised a picture last time...I'm mean! But I promise at the bottom of this post you'll get what you've been waiting for, flattering or not :)

Things have been nuts around here lately! We had record breaking snow a week and a half ago...8 inches at our house! It was insane! It was nice to build a snowman for the first time and to see the neighborhood in a blanket of snow. It was not nice, however, to lose power for more than 18 hours. We survived, though, in our little cocoon near the fire all night! The pups loved it!

Last weekend we headed to Houston to see a friend get married. We loved having a weekend away, and of course seeing all of Stephen's high school friends we don't see often. It was fun, but with a few long nights we both ended up with colds the next week. Stephen got over his quickly, but of course the preggo holds on to hers for weeks!!
These next few weeks will be just as busy as the last, but that just brings us closer to our little man! We can't wait!!!