Well, here we are! Crunch time! Stress level: HIGH

We have quite a bit to do, but in all honesty...we are having fun with the time left! Stephen is playing golf today with his team at work, and tomorrow is his last day of work at the Plano office! Woo hoo!!

This Friday, we have a Karaoke party (everyone is invited) at our place, and a fun pool party on Saturday as well!! Please come out and join us, but like I said before...wear your party pants!!

We leave on Tuesday morning, and the real adventure will begin! Thanks to all that have helped us thus far--we appreciate it! Stay tuned for more to come...


Mike Kampen said...

By the time you read this, you'll be there. Take a deep breath and relax. Have fun this week and check out the new scenery and culture. You are going to love to "people watch" there. When your Mom and I were in Europe most of the guys wore capri's in the summer. We knew we weren't in TX. We'll talk with you again soon... congratulations... you made it!

Love you,