Grocery Store Findings!

I usually go to the local supermarket, just down the street. But we had to go on an expedition to find a clothes hanger/dryer w/ clothespins thingy. So we went to a Cora-like place, called Carrefour. It's wonderful! On our search, we found a few native things we thought you all would like. For our resident dog owners, I found a new bone for Gracie and Bella to share :) It's a little too big for just one of them, but together they should be able to handle it! For our resident beer can get a case of 24 Jupilers (local, but good!) for $8 euros. You can also get the mini-kegs shown below for about $5 euros. Now the green specimin is cheese...this is frommage I don't even think Patrick would eat Veronique! And lastly, if you are like most Liegians, you can get your smokes in a quaint little vending machine, right at the register! So convenient :) And...for all you TEXANS! They have Old El Paso taco and salsa stuff...but we bought the salsa and it tastes like ketchup with gum. Weird!