Market Adventures

Today we went to the market outside of our apartment. We saw a lot of the same things, although the people watching is always fabulous at these events. We were able to buy some groceries for the next week, and we got a wonderful poulet rotis (rotisserie chicken) for dinner tonight! They have fresh vegetables and fruits, so I was able to get some green beans like we used to pick at Nani and Papa's house! I'm pretty excited, although Stephen has no idea why I would get excited about green vegetables. He was excited, however, at his brat he got for lunch. I've attached a picture of the happy man, and also an up close picture of the nasty sight. Whatever works, right? We have a couple "poll the audience" blogs coming up. One will be "What should Stephen do to his hair next?" and the other is "Pick our house mascot!" Until we get the girls over here, we thought it might be fun to have a house mascot! You guys can let us know what you think we should do! We can purchase the mascot at next Sunday's market! :)