Here comes the sun....

Woo Hoo!!! January has been so depressing here...the weather has been yucky! But, today changed it all! It's gorgeous outside! I needed it. It's been a while since I've updated the blog, mostly because I didn't have fantastic things to tell you. It's been pretty ho-hum here. But, I'll do my best to fill you in. Training is going great! I've had to run in the rain and terrible winds lately, but it's not that bad. I've gotten over myself :) The half marathon is in 7 weeks, and with it comes the DOTSON'S!!! I'm very excited they are going to be here soon. We will be spending a few days in Portugal (the race is in Lisbon) and then heading to the countryside of France for a week. Stephen is REALLY looking forward to some vacation time, and I'm looking forward to fellow English speakers, and family to boot!! It will be a great time.

Gracie is getting well adjusted here as well. Every Sunday she gets a park adventure...she really loves those, as she can bark freely, roll in sick things, and people watch, race Stephen. She truly enjoys it...especially the bath afterwards (sense any sarcasm??). We hiked up to the Citadel (where the big steps are) a few Sundays ago, and she was able to pose on the overlook! She doesn't get along with our landlords dog too well...she thinks she's better, which she is. Every time Cleo is downstairs while we are going outside, she avoids her at all costs-but then again, she did that with Bella, so maybe she's just anti-social with canines...she sure loves humans :)

I'm still teaching English classes every Thursday. My class is great, so fun to watch them learn. The last two weeks we've been dealing with the "th" sound. In French, the 'h' is never they want to say Tursday, trow, tirty tree (which was the number of our lesson last time, we had fun with that.) So, we've all been spitting on each other learning to say the 'th' sound, it's really humorous. Stephen was there last night to witness kept him amused! I've been writing a children's book while over here, and I'm almost finished. I might have a contest to help with the title, cause I'm having a hard time. I'll keep you posted, and if you're lucky I might give you a preview :)Our car has lasted three weeks now (the PT Cruiser), so keep your fingers crossed we can make it three more weeks on Drama Row without any major accidents. We are nearing 6 months being over here...I can't believe it. We have our homesick moments, but there are longer spaces inbetween each one :) Thanks for your prayers and support...hope all is well with each of you!