Best Day EVER

Stephen and I woke up to sunny skies, tried out a new church in Brussels that we love, had lunch on a PATIO in 60 degree weather, Liege Standard (pronounced "stand-throaty rrrrr-d", our soccer team) just won their game 2-0 and is #1 in Belgium, and the full moon over the river is amazing! Pretty darn incredible day! God is good...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dotsons,

This is Laura Doyle from The Well. It was great having you there on Sunday. I'd love to correspond/chat with you as you have questions about The Well or anything else. I also would love to connect you with my friends in Liege. I have written them and they asked me to pass their contact details onto you. I think I found you on Skype. I sent you a chat message - shoot me an email and I'll send their email address to you.

I hope you have a great week. I hope to see you next weekend.