They got a racket going...

So, most early afternoons during the week the greater geriatric population of our street go the neighborhood grocery store. It is not rare for me to walk by and smile as they make their slow but determined trek two blocks down the street to store up for their weekly needs. Most of them have these "backpack on wheels" contraptions to place their goods in...which are pretty handy for those that can't carry heavy goods. But most of them also have canes or walkers, and a select few have the "old person hunch" going on which makes the walk a little longer and more tedious than your average person.

Now, the grocery store has it's own little crew of beggars out front. I say beggars, but some of them are actually useful. Sure, you have the one lady schlepping her child in exchange for a few euro-cents, but there is one "family" in particular that actually DON'T ask for money and just sit outside smoking and greeting you as you walk in. I've had the particular luxury of being in the store near closing when this "family" (not sure if they are related, but three or so of them are always around each other) does their shopping with the days revenue. Although they buy junk food and soft drinks, they are a jolly and well-mannered bunch. Well, as of today they've upped their game. Now...they offer door to door services. Yes, you heard me...they've become little entrepreneurs. They will take the elderly's groceries and walk them home for them, to ease their load and simplify their lives. GENIUS...and I'm sure they are making more than the toothless "Bon jour" they were offering up last week.

They had a whole group of people waiting to use their services, some geriatric and some just plain lazy. Of course I risked my life to take the picture once I got across the street for the sake of the blog...the lady in the front was none too pleased. Thought I was going to get jumped...but for all of you out there worried about my well-being, I still would have blogged it. As for the new business in town...I'm going to shake their hands next time I see them and say, "Well done, well done."