Proud Mary keep on rollin...

Ava and Paul invited Stephen and I over to have dinner and then go see a "Tribute Band" concert. I was pretty excited, I love live music and love watching people pretend to be someone else. Ha! The concert didn't disappoint. I was worried that being Dutch, they wouldn't sound the same, or it would be a trainwreck. Well, all of them sounded just like the singers (well, close at least) and they put on great shows, and they served Cristal (not exactly what you were thinking, it's beer).

Although I don't know a lot of the Rolling Stones songs, they were great entertainers and really made everyone want to dance. CCR was awesome. Reminded me of college and Texas. It was really great, and the lead singer really got into it.

Tina, ha, oh Tina. Tina was a diva. She had four costume changes, and even a back up singer. I think her backup singer brought more attention and crowds than Tina did, at least to the 30 drunk guys in the front row. She was wearing this trashy outfit made out of patent leather that laced on the sides...I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. There were a few men that loved both, see pic. She was good though, Tina that is. She played all of the major hits, and some I had never heard. It's funny though, I didn't know the songs but everyone around me, young and old, knew every word. Guess she made it big over here!!

I've combined all videos for your viewing pleasure (only CCR and Tina, sorry RS fans). It won't be a treat to your ears, as I've mixed them all together and I took the videos with my camera, but maybe you can pick up some of your favorite songs and get a laugh from some of the dancing!