Do you still love us?

I promised I would update soon, like two weeks ago. Sorry. I guess the blog was easy to update when I wasn't busy. Now I'm going to have to really make it a priority. I promise I will do my best!

School is going great! I teach M-F, and the hours are very flexible. Some days I teach mornings and have afternoons off, some days I teach in the afternoons only, and some days, like tomorrow, I teach in the morning, afternoon and evening with breaks in-between. I really like the school and the people I work with. Everyone has been really nice and inviting, and the students have been great. It's such a blessing to FINALLY have a job; one where I am able to meet new people, have a great schedule to travel and enjoy time off, and one where I can have a sense of independence and purpose. Things are great! Thanks for the prayers.

Stephen is staying busy with work, and keeping me sane while I adjust to working life again. It's silly, but I haven't worked in 13 months, so I have to "get back on the saddle" so to's been fun! The weather is finally starting to warm up a bit, albeit with rainy cold days intermittently. Today was 66 and partly cloudy. Nice. Since it is sunny'ish until 10:30pm or so, we are able to really enjoy the evenings with Gracie on a nice walk or on a patio somewhere. And on "training" days, we can enjoy a nice jog with cooler weather from 8-9 and still have about 2 hours of daylight to enjoy. It's really crazy, and we love it. Well, not the 4:30 sunlight in our windows in the morning, but the ability to enjoy the sunlight for as long as we can! I'm rambling, but you get the idea!

We're still on for the Cologne Marathon. Stephen hasn't worked out in over a year, but in the last week and a half he's logged three 3 mile runs and one 5.25 mile run. I'm really proud of him. Of course the training is going to get tougher, but he's a trooper right now! Encourage him, and me! Ha!

I'm heading home July 3rd to see the family. I'm SO excited to be able to meet my nieces...and see the whole gang for July 4th! I'm really excited to see "real" sunshine, too! I joked with Stephen that I will have to put on SPF 50 to sit outside, and I'll probably still get burned. Lack of sunlight for 10 months will make a girl pasty white! I'm proof!

As you can see, nothing terribly earth shattering or exciting is going on around "Chez Dotson" but that is a good thing. We are finding our groove and starting to enjoy life as Belgians. We spent Sunday after church with our friends Richard and Michelle (and their girls Gabrielle and Nicole) at their house. I learned to play chess, we played UNO, listened to music, and then played EVERY sports game on the Wii. We had such a good time, and are embarrassingly sore from pitching in Baseball and punching in Boxing...but it was awesome! We might need to invest in one soon!! More importantly, it's nice to be able to spend a lazy Sunday with!

Well, I'm going to close by saying this: I WILL POST MORE from now on, and I will post more insanely "Europe" adventures for you...don't get bored! Stay with me :)
*Pics are from the last few weeks around here...