Summer Solstice

Saturday we had dinner at the Cross', a family we've gotten to know really well from church. We had a blast playing games outside, like a mean game of Monkey in the Middle and Power Ball. It was great! I think everyone had a great time, although Stephen is sporting some battle scars from my "over-excitedness." Michelle prepared a very "English" dinner, including a pork roast, baked butternut squash, stuffing, green bean casserole, steamed carrots, roasted potatoes, and rounding out the meal was an apple crumble and a fruit "roly poly" for dessert. It was incredible...we were FULL to say the least. And, for all of you out there wondering, Stephen ate ALL of his potatoes, some of his green beans and even some carrots and squash. I was proud :) On our way home, after catching the Holland/Russia Euro 2008 game, we were able to catch the moon in all it's glory. Since it was the summer solstice, it stayed lighter for that much longer, so we still had relatively lighter skies until 11'ish. The picture I took of the moon was around 1am...isn't it incredible?