The hills are alive...

Stephen, Gracie and I drove from Liege to Munich on Friday. We walked around the city, found a hidden gem for a restaurant, and then made our way to the Hofbrauhaus...home of the Octoberfest festivities and such. It was pretty great, and the people we met were really interesting! Gracie couldn't drive fast enough to get there, but eventually she enjoyed her beer and was happy! :)

On Saturday, we picked up the Dotson's to make our way here, to Kirchberg, Austria! It's absolutely gorgeous, and I am not exaggerating! Look below :)

We've done a lot of skiing, and a lot of falling, but it's been incredible! The weather is so nice, and we have at least 2-4 inches of snow every night to enjoy! The food is as you'd expect, but we haven't had anything disappointing yet!

We close every evening playing a VERY serious game of Spades, and wake up to enjoy the skiing in the morning! Tomorrow, though, we're going to take a day off and head to Salzburg. Not only is it the birthplace of Mozart, it's also the home of the SOUND OF MUSIC TOUR. Can you hear my excitement???? I'm pumped, and Stephen isn't, haha! Good thing my mother-in-law is here to enjoy it with me!

And don't worry, I found that there is a restaurant/bar where you can "sing-a-long" all of the songs from the musical. So, I'm channeling my inner Julie Andrews, and will be belting out some tunes! You're so jealous!!

And, as my mom-in-law gently suggested last night...I need to blog more. I had no idea I had any readers...but apparently I do, and I'm disappointing you all. So...say no more! I'm back in folks :)


Stephanie said...

I LOVE the Gracie action shots. Have fun!!

Olson Family said...

The Olson's read your blog:)

Yocumotion said...

Toonces the driving dog
I miss you!

cindy gatewood said...

I love all the new pics...
that Gracie is one wild & crazy
dog! (and cute in her new ski
outfit) :)

Have fun with the parentals.


LeClair Family said...

Glad you are back in... you were slowing down a bit ;-)