Zurich, Strausbourg, and a long drive home!

The Saturday we left Austria we made our way to Zurich. I was so excited to be in Switzerland...not sure why, I guess it just seemed "really far away" when I would think about it from the States. That sounds stupid, appease me!

We arrived, checked in and made our way to the city center. We found about 15 Starbucks in about 3 minutes (which made me happy) and then found the cute shopping streets. We stopped for a little food and wine and then toured the city! The lake, river and beautiful scenery made for a fantastic afternoon.

That evening we had a nice meal and chat, then retired early to prepare for our long drive home on Sunday! We woke up for breakfast with the intention of eating a yummy muffin at one of the aforementioned Starbucks. Well, after two tries and two fails...we finally found the ONE Starbucks open on Sunday and dug in. We decided we should shove off rather soon, since we had about 10 hours of driving ahead of us.

Our first stop after leaving was Basel. We didn't turn off from the highway. So I lied, it wasn't a stop. It was a drive-through. We then headed to Strasbourg. We realized soon after exiting the highway that there was a lot of traffic. Once we arrived in the city center, we were happily met with a CARNAVAL PARADE. Stephen and I have a knack for finding festivals and parades by chance...and this was no exception.

We decided to park and partake, taking as many candid photos (read could have been killed if caught) as we could! It was fantastic! I love random parades, and I really love parades where not only those involved are dressed up, but the crowd as well. Carnaval is a bit like Halloween as far as dressing up...just check out the pics!

After Strasbourg, we headed to Trier, where again we didn't find it necessary to get out of the car, and then made it home. Around 9pm. We were pooped. Maybe that's why it's taken me four days to blog this. Anywho, I'm making ground people! I'm blogging more...get happy :) (all 5 of you that read this :))


LeClair Family said...

More than 5 I am sure... love the pictures!!! We need a blog update on your upcoming return home!!!