Cinco de Mayo

Stephen and I decided the people of Liege needed a little "Cinco" in their lives. So, we hosted a party! We did what we could with the ingredients here in let's just say that they received a "Pancho's" experience instead of an "Uncle Julio's or Pappasito's" one...but that's ok. They loved it anyway!

OH, and no margarita mix to be found. Needless to say, these were the only to margaritas made, and only one of them was finished :)

We had ground taco meat and chicken fajitas, with mexican rice, black bean salsa, cheese, onions, and Jelapenos (spelling check...see the wrapper :))

Part of the group...we ended up having around 10 people brave enough for the Mexican meal! And did you know...Cinco de Mayo became a holiday after the Mexicans defeated the French? Oops! Thank you Wikipedia!

Bottled in Brussels...authentic! And Yummy!!

And no Cinco de Mayo party is complete without homemade guacamole! Believe it or not, I found Haas Avocados and the above Japs, so it was incredible. Almost rivaled Andy's, per Stephen!