Box it up and ship it out!

Well, our European Adventure is over. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm excited to be home, with family and friends that I've missed so much, but I'm also sad to leave the friends that I've gotten so close with here. I feel torn. And exhausted. And it's not going to slow down. We'll be busy looking for a house, cars, setting up accounts, etc. in the states the first few weeks, so though I don't see an end in sight...I'm so ready for the next adventure!

I took some pictures today while the movers were here! They use an elevator to send things down after they've got everything boxed up. I thought it was pretty cool! And you can play a little game with these pictures, too! "Where's Gracie!" The first one's a little easy...

I was so intrigued by the moving "elevator" that I had to do a video montage. Not sure why I was so interested...but I was! Wish we could always be this lazy with a move :)


cindy gatewood said...

I am so proud of you both for
living your "adventure" - I know
you can't wait to be back in the
USA, though!!