26 weeks!!

I can't believe it's been 26 weeks, yet at the same time I feel like it's been a year since I told Stephen that morning we were pregnant! Anyone who knows me is WELL aware that I'm not exactly the most patient person. My yoga instructor said that technically you are "full-term" at 37 weeks, so that's just 11 weeks away...AHHHH!! We.Can't.Wait!! These next few months are going to kill me :)

I promise I'll take a belly pic soon, though I hate these! I always feel so silly taking a picture of how BIG I am and posting them for the world to see, but I realize that is all you readers want...so I'll oblige. Just know I hate them, k? Until then...here's some things the little man is doing in utero:

-Kicking like crazy. Really, he's just beating the beat (for all you Jersey Shore fanatics)! It feels like he's rapid fire kicking most evenings!!

-Swishing around in there. It most resembles a water bed motion, freaky and a little cool at the same time.

-Dancing on my bladder. Since the sonogram revealed just how much he likes to jump off my bladder, he's decided to keep it consistent. We'll just say he's like his dad and loves a set routine!

-Disliking cold things. My mom made a comment that when she was pregnant with my oldest brother, Andy, she would place her cold glass on her stomach and he would try and kick it off. We tried this with Knox and within a few seconds he was in hot pursuit of the offending glass. It's pretty cool to watch. This also goes for Stephen's cold hands...loves his Dad's voice, but hates his cold hands!!

Hope this gives you a little insight into little K-dub's world...until you can meet him face-to-face!


Abigail said...

Love it - you are too funny. The waiting to meet them is the hardest part! Hang in there, you're almost there!!

Soheili Blog said...

that is soo crazy (the kicking the glass!) so excited & happy for you guys- cant wait till he arrives! following the progress from DC in the meantime ;)