Always wait 30 minutes after eating to exercise!!

Stephen and I found this out the hard way! We went walking in search of a sports store so we could buy a bike. We wandered, found some, wandered some more and then decided to sit and have a Carlsberg (for you Dad!). After our beer we decided to get a slice of pizza from this hole in the wall (literally, there is a hole in the wall you walk up to) and walk around again. We stumbled upon this set of stairs that happen to be a tourist attraction in Liege. I had seen them on the websites and such while learning of we decided to try our hand at walking them in one swoop! There are 390 stairs!!! To put it bluntly, we almost ralphed by stair 70 and barely made it all the way up...but the view we got from the top made it all worth it!

All of you planning on visiting will get 10 euros if you can finish them at one time without stopping!! Does that make you want to come visit??


Mike Kampen said...

I wonder if Bella to do it on three legs?

Just might have to have one of those Carlsberg's when I get there!