First day of reality...

Stephen and I decided to walk from our hotel to the main center of Liege today. It's quite a hike, but we did it! There are so many cute shops and things to see! I took some pictures that I'll's pretty!! Before we left our concierge informed us of an American lady that lives down the street that has rental properties. We called and didn't get through, and decided to carry on our day. We wandered and shopped all day, and as we were walking home we stopped at this window to look at rental properties. I said something to Stephen and this lady goes "she speaks English!" We started talking to her, and her dog Cleopatra (whom looks like a long-haired Gracie) and come to find out SHE'S the lady! She told us she had places to rent in her house, and took us to see them on the spot. Her house is a beautiful 4-story mansion right on the river, each window facing the river lined with fresh flowers. She is next door to the Moroccan consulate, so she said security is wonderful. We toured a few of her apartments, most of which were too small...but then we found the one we love! It's currently one whole floor of the house, but she's turning it into two one bedrooms. Even as a one bedroom (half of the floor) it's huge, and has 12'+ceilings. It's all hard wood, and she said if we want it, we could design the floor layout and color scheme...and even live upstairs until construction is complete and move in as soon as this weekend! We would be living on the river, in between Maastricht and Liege in a house with other tenants! We are nervous it's too good to be true...cause the rent is DEFINITELY doable...what do you all think?? Send your comments please!!!! She from her own accounts is a Christian woman who has been praying for a good person to come rent...but are we just buying into a scam? Am I too cynical?


Either was a good day! A little overwhelming...but nice! We meet with Stephen's boss and her family for dinner tonight--we'll fill you in later!


Don't forget to send your opinions!


Mike Kampen said...

The number one real estate rule is to have options. Although this option seems to be terrific... it is best to have 2-3 different options to compare. I would try to get an independent broker (if there is such a thing over there) that can show you not just this property, but several. This person can also give you advice on strengths/weaknesses that will be valuable. If you can't use a broker, then you'll have to do it yourself. Search other listings and ask them about the one you have found and see if they have any positive/negative comments. This may be the perfect place, but I would get a second (independent) opinion before committing. Glad to hear you had such a great first day!

Love you!


Mike Kampen said...

Mom says to talk to the same person Stephen talked to last time (on his last trip), and ask her if the area is safe or not.