Our Temporary Apartment

We had a fun night last night with the hotel bartender and his girlfriend. We met her at a restaurant he recommended, but didn't realize they were together! They are a very fun couple! There was a Bike Race (not pro's, but they ALL thought they were Lance Armstrong in their tights!) that started and ended in Liege, and a lot of the participants stayed at our hotel. We got to hear a bunch of different languages, and managed to close the place down! Dido, the bartender, learned how to make a lunchbox (Edmond boys--be proud!) and Stephen had yet another nasty local drink--Jack Daniels and Beer, called a Crazy Dog! It was a little rediculous! Dido went to pick up his girlfriend, Aurore, at her restaurant and they came back and hung out with us for a while! We are excited because we will only be a few doors down from our hotel at this new apartment, so we can stop in and catch up with our new friends whenever we want...and they SPEAK ENGLISH!! Woo Hoo!! (Small victories people!)

This morning we moved into our new house! We are temporarily renting the attic apartment, as you can see in the pictures. We will hopefully move into our permanent apartment Oct. 1st! That is the goal at least! We are pretty excited, although I'm going to miss getting our room cleaned and new sheets everyday! Tonight we are having our spaghetti dinner, hopefully Stephen will be full for once! Tomorrow the MARKET is outside...so he's already excited about his Brat! It's going to be really neat living here, and it's not half bad! You have to understand though, from looking at the picture, how excited we are to have our bed! Maybe they'll speed the boat up if we pray hard enough!

Everything is getting better...I just need a routine, and I think a job will help that! We are getting more accustomed to the city, and the people...although I still feel like I'm just here for a vacation. I guess the reality of it will hit me...you might get a crazy blog when it happens! We miss all of you...hope everyone is doing well! Remember, you can all download "Skype" at http://www.skype.com/, where you can talk to us directly with video for free! We'd love to see your faces!

Ciao, a bientot!
The Dotson's


Staci said...

How much fun! I finally found your blog when you sent me an invite to my gmail account. I have sat here and read from day 1 your adventure. It really sounds like you are doing great and I am so glad everything is falling into place. If you were still here, you would be starting to work on Tuesday at Forest Meadow. However, the construction is not finished, so you wouldn't be able to get into your room, so you wouldn't be happy about that.

Keep those updates coming and I will keep checking. Life isn't quite as exciting here, so I will continue to live vicariously though you!