The Pitfalls of saying "Oui!"

Stephen and I went to this store/mall called Cora. It's a lot like a strip mall attached to a Costco! Brilliance in my opinion. It was late in the afternoon, and we hadn't had lunch yet! So we decided to go there, grab some groceries for a spaghetti dinner, and have a snack at one of the many restaurants! I also wanted to check out the bike scene and price compare! They are quite expensive. Right inside the entrance we see a sandwich shop. We discussed our options, and decided to play it safe and get jambon avec frommage (ham with cheese). We get up to the counter, and before we can even order she's looking at us like we're crazy. Stephen orders, and then she starts going OFF in French. We just kept saying "Oui!" (sorry definitely taught us better...we just froze). So, we ended up with the sandwich below. We took a bite or two, and it was TERRIBLE! So we saved it simply to show you the pitfalls of saying "Oui" in a moment of confusion! We chalked it up to 4 euros for a laugh!! Enjoy :)