Pretty Stops on a Long Adventure

Yesterday we decided to visit the train station, hoping to get acclimated with the area, times of trains, and how much it would cost us to visit other places around here. We got a map from the concierge, but didn't think we needed verbal directions (stephen was sure we could read a map). To make a long story short, we ended up in the ghetto, completely read the map wrong, and went about 45 minutes out of our way. When we finally got there, we were able to see the train station for a minute or two before we needed to head back for dinner. It was nice, but the best part were some of the things we saw on the way. All pictures are from the town "Centre" and there are more beautiful things to'll just have to come see them yourselves :)

The first picture is of a floral peacock. The body
is made of bronze, and each tail is full of flowers. I thought it was charming! The next picture is of St. Paul's Cathedral. It looks burned, we're not sure what is going on there. Most of the people work or shop around the cathedral and eat lunch around it as well. It's a nice little area with pretty gardens. The final picture is of a man selling balloons. I don't know why I found it so interesting...I just did! Enjoy!

Everything here is going well! Stephen starts his job tomorrow, and although I'm excited for him, I'm a little nervous of life on my own here. We'll see how it goes--I'm a tough cookie! My only problem is I think that if everyone looks like me, they speak English! I'm VERY wrong on that!!