Stephen WILL NOT like this...

It's been a while since our last post...I apologize for not keeping you all updated. The main reason is that not much has gone on in the "entertaining" sense. Monday was Stephen's first day of work, which went off without a hitch. He's really enjoying his new job, and loves the people he works with! That's such a blessing! Monday was also my first day alone in the big city! I think I did well...I was able to get all my errands run this week without too much drama, and I've been able to order lunches as well! It's getting less intimidating every day. Keep the prayers coming though--it's a different world around here! Very different! With that being said, we've been so blessed with everything! We're getting a big car to cart everyone around in when you visit, we've found a place to live, and we're adapting as well as we can to the city and the language!

Today, Stephen, myself, and the HR lady at his office are meeting with the landlord to look over the place before we move in...just to ensure everything is OK. If everything goes well, we should be able to move in at the end of the week! That will be nice! Stephen got a cell phone, so I went and got one on his same service so we can talk easily-that was an adventure in itself, but I did it! And we have a nice rental car until our car is ready (the pictures-for you Brian), probably next week! Well, that's it for now! Ciao!