Weekend in Maastricht...

Well, it's been a while since our last blog. Last week I didn't have the internet for the better part of the week, and we were out and about all weekend, so this is the first time I've had a chance! Forgive me?

Last week was good, although I was getting a little stir crazy without the internet. Friday we decided to go "out," and realized that the students here are NUTS. They all go out, and I mean ALL...so we got a little annoyed with that, and are thankful we don't live in the centre now! Most of the students that go out are in their teens...so you can imagine the noise :) On Saturday, we went to Maastricht to shop around and have lunch. We had a really fun afternoon--although I was definitely tempted with all of the shopping. We happened on another festival, and decided to come back on Sunday when we had time to enjoy it. We had dinner plans with Stephen's coworker Pierre-Franciose and his wife on Saturday evening. We had a really nice time! I tried duck pate...which did NOT sit well, but had a really nice meal and enjoyed talking and getting to know them a little better. Sunday we drove to Maastricht and enjoyed the "Taste of Europe" festival. They had a bunch of booths set up with various foods from around Europe. It was mostly an older crowd, but we had a nice time. Today I have an interview with the language school...keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer...I need a day job :)



Anonymous said...

Bonne chance!!! or should I say "Merde!" I wish you luck with your job interview. I know what it's like to be home and start getting Cabin Fever. You'll feel better when you have your own routine and interaction with people. I'm proud of you for trying Duck Pate - yum yum, I love it!