This past Saturday we took a day trip to Brugge, Belgium. It's about a two hour drive, and like most of our weekend trips lately, it turned out to be a little longer due to traffic. The weather was beautiful, thankfully, and the sun was shining! We arrived at around noon and happened upon a market, much like the Sunday markets in Liege. The market here seemed more like a
flea market, but there were nice fruit and vegetable stands as well. We sat near a sculpture fountain and had a sandwich, and then embarked on Brugge full force. We started by walking down the "shopping" lane. The shops are the same as in all of the big cities...but I still stop at almost every window like I haven't seen the clothes/shoes/purses yet :) Stephen loves it! They
also had a lot of "French Interior" shops that were adorable. Lots of yummy French soaps and
good smelling candles. Very nice! We then made our way to the Belfry. It was gorgeous, just 5 euro to go up the million stairs to see the top. We would've done it, but 5 euro?? There was a "beer festival" next door, but upon looking closer, it was 3 beer choices and expensive food!

Welcome to Belgium! We went to a modern museum, which had more weird movie clips than art...sad. But Stephen toughed it out for me! We toured the Lace district, and even caught a women working on a piece in her doorway. It's really interesting watching them do it, but seems VERY confusing with all the bobbins and such. Towards the afternoon, we walked around looking for this museum I had
really wanted to see. Once we got there, it was in scaffolding and under construction, so we'll just have to go back. I want to go back on a Friday, because there is a vial of Jesus' blood they have on display at one of the cathedrals. I think that would be interesting! Late afternoon we took a boat ride through the canals, looking at the history and architecture of this beautiful city! We even caught a cute little yellow lab enjoying his window on the river! I truly loved Brugge, and so far it's my favorite city. Of course, there's way more to come, but it was a wonderful Saturday trip, and I can't wait to take some of you when you're here! We ended with a wonderful dinner in the main square, watching (and smelling) horse-drawn carriage rides pass and tourists snapping pictures. Great trip! Enjoy :)


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