Liege Aquarium and Museum

I have a lot of time on my hands, as you can imagine! The nice thing out Liege is that there are great museums and places to go. I went to the aquarium one day a few weeks ago (when I didn't

have internet to blog--forgive me) and took Stephen the next day. There were a lot of fish in the aquarium section, not much else, but in the museum they had a whole plethera of animals. Some stuffed, some skeletons, some in jars, some in clay. It was very interesting, and as it's part of the

University of Liege, they have a lot more research based things, which makes it stimulating! They had two tanks, one labeled "Dori est ici" and the other "Nemo est ici"--Dori and Nemo are here (see pics). I had a great time, and I believe Stephen enjoyed it as well. The bones of a blue

whale are huge, as you can see. It's crazy to see God's creations, big and small, that you don't normally think about! Very cool...I highly recommend seeing this if you're here for a few days! (p.s. Can you see that fish in the last pic...look towards the sand!)


Anonymous said...

I love the first picture! So fun. What do you think about coming here for Thanksgiving. We do a BIG meal, have all sorts of tradition and then I can show you the town. I also have just been glancing at tickets to Amsterdam...