"Rhein In Flames"

Well, it's been forever since our last post. I'm partly to blame, but also our Internet connection hasn't been up to par. Excuses, excuses, I know! But this time, we haven't let you down! We got our PERMANENT Internet connection last night, and I couldn't be happier! I might be a little blog crazy the next few weeks, but I'm sure you'll be fine! We left last Saturday for Koblenz, Germany--about a 2 hour drive. We decided to stay there because it

was about a half hour from Oberwesel (where the "Rhein in Flames" festival was) so we figured we could drive that easier than all the way home late at night! We got to Koblenz easily, and completely lucked out in finding our hotel. We didn't get lost, which was a huge feat! We had lunch--Stephen ordered Jagerschnitzel (and I'm not joking at all) and I had an omelet...it was sub-par, but we enjoyed the scenery. Our hotel was one where the barmaid was EVERYTHING, the waitress, the hotel

staff, the bartender, EVERYTHING. It was pretty neat! We then made our way along the B9, the scenic route to Oberwesel. We were able to see all the pretty castles and river tours going on...it was SO pretty! We'll have to go back just to see the castles! We made it to Oberwesel late-afternoon and toured the city. It was really small, but like Koblenz it had a lot of character! The festival was really nice...all of the local vineyards were represented and you could try the

different wines they offered. Stephen was excited because they had brats AND tortellini--life can't get much better for him! We left the festival in time to see the firework show on the river...it was sooo cool! I had never seen some of the fireworks--they really went all out! We do have video of the show...we'll try and upload the video for all to see soon! Give us time :) We woke up Sunday morning, had breakfast and headed to Cologne, Germany. There is a cathedral there that is unbelievable. It was torn down during the first World War, and they rebuilt it just as it was--huge and very Gothic! I loved it! If you can forgive me--the camera battery died...so all we have is video. But rest assured you will get it! And you will love it!! Ok...I've rambled enough for a Monday! Hope all is well...blessings! Katie and Stephen