Sing a song about the HEARTLAND...

The only place we feel at home!!! So, my brother and sister-in-law bought us these cute glasses from TEXAS...and we were unpacking some of our boxes from the crate and happened upon them! Wow...such excitement! Stephen had a busy work week, I was finally we thought--what the heck! Let's have a Texas night! The irony, as you can see in the pictures, is

that the only beer we could find to make the night Texan was Corona...but everyone knows Mexico is part of the state :) We had a great time...I made guacamole, and we enjoyed Texas country with our pilsners! Good times...almost like home!

We are HUGE dorks...but you LOVE us!!


Cricket Johnson said...

I DO LOVE IT! AND Y'ALL. Come to me... or I'll come there - you tell me. AND congrats on being an Aunt - she is beautiful!

Emily said...

Funny, funny. I wish you were here today so you, Lauren, and I could go get hammered at Mi Cocina... ha. I guess we weren't exactly hammered, remember?

One kid keeps coming by my class and asking about you. I can't remember his name. I know I wrote it down somewhere. He's a littler guy, super sweet kid. FMJH and I MISS YOU!