Do you want a riding lawnmower?

Apparantly these are the questions I ask while sleeping, doing my best to adjust to my new hours. What? Anyway, I'm back, safely and soundly. I had an amazing trip, and like most trips, I wish it had been a little bit longer...although it's very nice to be back with Stephen. We had so much fun

while in Dallas/Austin. Just look at our impromptu shoe shopping...Dad looks hot in Chucks :) And I was able to watch some great Karaoke (in English) with Kelly, play darts with Becca, Stef, Kat and D, eat Mexican food with the family, and even introduce Gracie and Bella to Frankie's. Our Little Peanut is still very cozy in her temporary home, but I was encouraged to know that she's not even coming this week...they've set a date to induce on Tuesday, Oct. 16th. So...I would have missed it either way! I'm telling you...she's cozy! In other news, I did try your

recommendations at the fair, as you can see in the pics. The main pic is of the fried cookie dough, which was our groups' favorite, i.e. Mom, Hayley, Marc and Brian. I have to say though, the fried queso was a close second, and we didn't even know it existed. Yummy...yet I still feel bloated! Very worth it though! I also found out that I don't have to live in Belgium to get Belgian waffles, or rediculous outfits and hairstyles!

So, the new task is re-adjusting to life in Liege. I think the first two days, emotionally, were the worst of it. We're great, the weather (cross your fingers) isn't TERRIBLY cold yet, and Stephen got me tickets to see The Police!!! Poor Sting had to postpone last night because of his voice (?) but I'll definitely post pics when we get to the show! Hope everyone is doing well...come VISIT!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. OK. Let's hang out. When is your next free weekend? It is easiest for me to fly to Amsterdam? Talk to me goose.