Kid in candy store

That's how I felt when I walked into Schlepp's (funny name, huh?). It's a Hobby Lobby-esque store, with more artistic flair than anything else. They have easels, canvases, drafting tables, ink, brushes, mosaic tile sets, watercolor sets, and much much more! I was in heaven! I wandered all 4 floors for over an hour and finally made my purchase. An acrylic paint selection, brushes, and 8 canvases of all different shapes and sizes. I had decided early on that our walls were too bare. So, I decided to paint. All except for two were my own creations...the two knock-offs were inspired by Amy Tartar's (Steph Johnson's coworker at Antioch Berlin--where we had Thanksgiving) dining room paintings. I must say, I am no professional, nor is it even natural. But I enjoy it. It's fun! Go out, buy some canvases, and make a day of it. Have a glass of wine and don't worry about the outcome. I favor some of them more than others, but either way it's a chance to reach deep within for that "creative side." Stephen used his creative talents on the computer, researching his favorite authors' quotes on Life and Marriage. Hope you like (but secretly don't care...we like 'em.) Ha!!