My Baby is 6!

No, I don't have a child I've kept secret from was GRACIE'S 6TH BIRTHDAY on the 15th. We celebrated over the weekend, and her big present was tonight! She got to have Stephen's pork chop bone...and boy was she excited! Unlike most dogs, she usually doesn't get to act like a dog, nor does she get to have normal dog "carnal instincts" because her mom keeps her on a tight leash (pun intended) and dressed like a human. But, tonight was VERY different. She was able to eat all she wanted of the bone. That's a lie. She's still crying at the trash can where the carcas lies. We had a small family dispute when mom decided she was done. However, she's fulfilled. She might need a Tums before bed, but she's one happy dog! I've attached some pics for your viewing pleasure, and a video of the feeding frenzy. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!