5 Days Away...

I can't believe that the race is 5 days away. To be completely honest, I'm excited and nervous. I don't really know what to expect race-wise, but I'm excited to accomplish a goal set for myself. That's always nice! Sunday was my last long run before the race, 10 miles. I was getting very bored with my route around Liege, and since Sunday is market day, the city is a little crazy anyway.

A few weeks ago Ava, a friend and coworker of Stephen's, sent us a link to a Nature Preserve/Park called Bokrijk to check out. We looked at the website (http://www1.limburg.be/bokrijk/eng/index.html) and thought it would be nice. They have various walking routes that you can take, some lead you through the open fields, some through the Arboretum, some even go along the paths of sheep, goats and cattle. I wanted to go because they had a route that was 9.5 Km, or 5.9 miles. Figured I could do it twice and be ok, even going over a bit. We headed out earlier than usual because we were expecting rain later in the day. We were stopped on our way there by a goose and her friends, which was fun. It was cold, and I wasn't feeling too confident. Once we got there, we figured out how to follow the trails (they have tiny little markers that lead you--get lost you are in the middle of the forest with no idea how to get out) and took off.

I felt good the whole time, but quickly realized that the "red" trail went through all said conditions, including wildlife, mud, gravel, grass, bridges over swamps, and even down major roadways for small stints. It was definitely cross country, but such a nice change from cobblestone and the urine smell after the city shuts down from the weekend!

At the halfway point, I realized I had run faster than usual, and the trail was longer than usual (according to my Nike+ software). I carried on, although the second lap was tougher. At the finish, I had finished 14 miles in 2:02. Now, let me assure you that I don't think this is altogether accurate. I do not think I finished the 14 miles with an average pace of 8:52...but I do know that I was booking it at times. Nor do I think I completed a full 14 miles in that time. So...we'll see how accurate good 'ole Nike+ is race day. I really don't care about time, I just want to finish. But with this past run behind me, I'm a lot more confident and excited than nervous!

Now, while running, Stephen was able to allow Gracie to be a dog...yes Dad, she was a dog today! She was off the leash and running around like a crazy lady, rolling in dead things and smelling until her heart was content! She had a blast, and crashed on the way home! We'll have to do it again soon--she needs it!


Ava said...

Hi, glad to hear you made it to Bokrijk its a great place to visit and the website is in English. I think it's just the kick start you needed. We'll be think of you and of course supporting you from our armcharirs hahaaha.
We know you can do it!