Hey Mona and Venus...

To celebrate March 1st, and 7 months of being here (not really, we just wanted to go) we drove to Paris to tour the Louvre and Notre Dame. I was sad we weren't able to over New Years, so since the weather was yucky here, we thought it would be fun to spend the day in a museum. Of course, when we arrived in Paris it was sunny, 55 degrees and GORGEOUS. So typical.
We parked at St. Germain, where Eva and Tony had their wedding (shout out) and walked to the gigantic complex that is the Louvre. We decided to not spend all day looking at things of little interest to us, so instead we spent about three hours looking at Roman, Greek and Italian paintings and sculptures. The place is just gorgeous...I was in awe! The ceilings and flooring, stairways and woodwork was incredible. We had our picture taken with Venus, with Mona Lisa, and I even found the crowd taking pictures of Mona funny. It's just hilarious, people fight their way to the front, take a picture (sometimes of themselves) and then leave. This crowd (notice picture) took turns taking individual pictures in front of her, blocking the view for the rest until they were done. Yes, they were from the East. Stephen showed them how its done at Venus, though. Work it!

After walking and seeing all we wanted to see, we spent an astronomical 7 euro for water and coke and decided to head over to Notre Dame. I love cathedrals, and I especially love stained glass. The rose windows in this church are unbelieveable. Throughout our tour the bells tolled, so we made our way to sit and watched the mass for a good while (in French, mind you). The priest started burning some incense, and Mr. Photographer got some pics of the smoke against the stained glass. It was gorgeous! We had a wonderful trip, did it all in an afternoon and drove back to Belgium...but not before grabbing a Starbucks! It had been a while!

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