Monday, Jeremy, Lindsay and I headed to Maastricht for the day. I let Jeremy drive, which I think he enjoyed, and he drove better than me! Once we got into Maastricht, Lindsay wanted to head to the castle where she went to school 7 years ago while in Baylor. Based off her memory, she got us within a street before we had to ask for directions. After 7 years...pretty incredible. The castle was gorgeous...I can't believe they got to live there while going to school and touring Europe. Pretty cool! Afterwards, we went into town and grabbed lunch.

We did a little shopping in the main square, and were able to pick up my niece Mackenzie some cute duds. She will love her parents if they buy the same amounts when she's in High School!! Before we left, Jeremy decided to get a gyro after all the hype Andy gives them. Apparently, you HAVE to get gyros while in Europe, so we let Jeremy handle it. If it hadn't been for his miscommunication over whether or not he liked garlic, I'm sure he would have enjoyed it! The garlic sauce looked, and from what I can tell, tasted disgusting.

Stephen and I had our first official language classes Monday night, so we headed back from Maastricht early afternoon to make it. When we were done, we headed back to Maastricht for dinner. Jeremy and Lindsay treated us to a nice dinner, which we appreciated so much! We decided to eat at an Argentinian restaurant Lindsay and her parents ate at a few times while she was here in school. It was awesome. We got steaks and Jeremy got the "All-you-can-eat Spare Ribs." The poor little waitress had no idea what she was about to witness. Jeremy ended up throwing down 5 racks...and we only helped with a few ribs :) Not sure he felt so hot the next morning, but he LOVED them that night!

The next morning, I rode the train with them to Brussels, saw them off (SADLY) and then spent the afternoon in Brussels myself. I hate goodbyes, and it's always so emotional for me to say goodbye to family! I really hate it! But we had such a good trip, and memories to last a lifetime!