Quatro de Mayo...

We woke up a little bit earlier on Saturday, due to the fact that Jeremy was very interested in purchasing a chicken to kill, pluck and make chicken tenders out of from the market. Fortunately, he decided not to follow through, but we still had a great time people watching and admiring all that the "La Batte Market" had to offer.

It was very warm and crowded, so we decided to throw in the white towel in the middle of the market. From there we decided to grab lunch, which consisted of "Boulets Liegiose," or Liege Meatballs and a Carlsberg. It was gorgeous outside, so we ate and watched a few mapris walk by (that's man Capris for all of you that don't know). When it gets a little warm here, the clothes get weirder and weirder.

After lunch, we made it home and grabbed the car to head to Brussels. A friend I met blog stalking invited us to a Quatro de Mayo party at her place. She's originally from Texas and is living in Brussels, so it seemed a perfect way to spend our Sunday afternoon. Once we arrived, the ritas and Corona's were on ice and the sombreros were waiting for Lindsay and I to don. We had fajitas, refried beans, tacos, chicken enchiladas, queso (J&L sent Velvetta and Rotel, we did it right), and even sour cream. It was awesome...something we haven't had in at least 8 months! SOO needed. Once everyone (there were about 15 people there) had their stomachs full and palates wet, we decided to fire up the Wii. Stephen and I had never played the Wii, so it was AWESOME to play golf, bowling, and tennis! Stephen was good at tennis (of course) and I was good at bowling. I guess all of those Thanksgiving Colorama games helped me! Who knew?

We left Cindy's and drove again to the Grote Markt in Brussels to get Jeremy and Lindsay a Belgian Waffle. The got one with bananas and chocolate, and I think they loved it. We ended the night with a few episodes of the Chappelle Show (thanks Kelly) and again slept quite soundly!

If you get a chance, check out Cindy's blog, she's hilarious: www.newtobrussels.blogspot.com