Well, one nice thing about Belgium is the random national holidays. I know that May 1st isn't necessarily random (Labour Day here) but it's nice to not have to work. Who am I kidding...I'm still not working. But it was nice for Stephen not to have to go to work. We slept in, had breakfast and then headed out to find 'something.' We figured being a holiday there had to be some sort of festival or parade. There seems to be a festival or parade most weekends somewhere, regardless of a holiday. There had to be one today, right? Well, there was. But it was really disappointing. We posted up at our "spot" and had a drink while watching the parade pass directly in front of us. Let's just say we were really happy that we had a seat and a drink, cause if I was standing to watch this I would have been complaining. It was pretty lackluster. But, we shouldn't work, free entertainment, and relatively sunny weather. May day isn't too shabby.