Serve the City

I volunteered with "The Well," the church we've started going to in Brussels this past Saturday for their Spring "Serve the City" day. I took the train to Brussels, then made my way through Metro's and trams to the meeting spot. We got t-shirts and our assignments, prayed and made our way to our destinations. I was assigned to work with a group of elderly people, helping with their social lunch and giving manicures. Once we arrived, the ladies that work there literally put us to work immediately. I did manicures and dishes, avoided the "can you cut my hair" question the best I could, and averted the "can you pluck my eyebrows" to another sweet girl volunteering with us. The ladies really loved us being there, and the men loved watching the shenanigans while sipping their beers. While walking back to our meeting point, we strolled through the park to see the fountain...and there was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow. Incredible. It was a great day, and I'm looking forward to "serving the city" this summer.