Bastille Day/Ghent Music Festival

Stephen and I made it out to the Bastille Day Fireworks show here in Liege. It was not bad, actually. We had low expectations, and they were exceeded with flying colors (pun intended!). The weather was great, and getting out amongst our "neighbors" was a nice change.

The next weekend we had a holiday (Beglium's "4th" if you will) and so we decided to try and make the most of our weekend. We drove to Ghent on Saturday, which we hadn't yet been to. It was gorgeous. We'll have to go back when there isn't a festival in town. They have castles and incredible architecture, all nestled on little waterways. It was really beautiful.

The music festival was situated in between the major waterway, or canal I guess. In fact, one stage was placed over the river, so the audience was split to either side of the canal. They had decorations to make it seem like we were on a beach in South America, and all of the drinks were your typical island creations. It was very nice. Except that it was 60 degrees and incredibly windy. Not exactly tropical. Of course there was always great people watching, and we were able to get Stephen a sausage! Pretty par for the course concerning European festivals. We danced to a few different salsa bands and had a great time, then decided to try and catch another firework show in Brussels.

There is a "Mini-Europe" park that has all of the major landmarks/buildings/cities in the E.U. done to 1::25 scale. It was really cool, and very interesting. We have actually added to our list of "destinations before we leave." It's crazy how ornate and grandiose some of these buildings are, and to think that they were built hundreds of years ago. It's mind boggling!

The fireworks show there was also a lot better than we figured it would be. We had a nice time, saw the sights, and then headed home. All of these fireworks shows have to wait until it's dark, so most of them don't start until 11pm or you can imagine how tired we were after they were over!

This week was business as usual, and this Sunday Stephen's cousin Sadie comes in town. She's going to be visiting us for about a week before heading back to Kauai! I'll do my best to keep the blogs and pics coming! Until then...

P.S. Check out Gracie's blog to see her in action at the Salsa concert!!


Kampen Family said...

You look beautiful in the picture of you and Stephen! Excuse your beauty!!