Euro B.O.

I've always noticed it, but I guess we're usually outdoors, so a brisk wind takes it away minutes after contact with my nose. I'm definitely not used to standing in it...submerged in thick, steamy BO like I was today. I take the bus to work. Usually the bus is pretty sparse. It was in the 80's today. Really hot weather when you don't have a cool breeze or air conditioning.

The bus was FULL. Full of large men, wearing jeans and jackets, sweating from the run to catch the bus...permeating the cramped interiors with their full-on stench. Then if it couldn't get any worse, a day-care class decided to make the already full bus their ticket home. We all got out of our seats so that the little tykes could have a place to sit...I mean half of them were in diapers and standing in the aisles while the bus was moving. Tres Belge!

I stood, holding the "Oh Shoot" handle, doing my best to not sway into the open armpits of the man next to me every time the bus driver switched gears.

I made it home without vomiting. Baby steps folks. Baby steps.


Kampen Family said...

Well, you know, in some countries BO is a lovely and wonderful aroma. (that's for Hayley) But I'll tell ya one thing, over here in this country BO is considered one the foulest smells God EVER made!!!! We like our people bathed and smellin' pretty.