The Champion, my dad!

I would like to take the time to say CONGRATULATIONS to my dad! The 2008 Mens Plus Club Champion at Willow Fork County Club! I'm so proud of him! I know this means a lot to him and he totally deserves it. Unfortunately, he won't be available for a press conference or autographs. SO, please leave your comments of congratulations. AND YES, he has earned a front row parking spot for an entire year, reserved ONLY for THE Champion. Well done, dad! We're proud of you!


glenda said...

Yes, couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment. Had never beaten the previous back to back champion.
It was a grueling two day tournament and considering it was done while juggling all the last minute details of the tournament, dealing with unexpected glitches and handling rules and complaints as Pres. of the Plus Assoc., it is amazing he was able to stay focused
and ready for the challenge. Now all is left, is the celebrating at the Banquet tomorrow night and the presentation of the trophy (picture forthcoming). Proud wife, g