White Trash

A few nights ago we realized our washer/dryer combo wasn't cutting it. In fact, we think it's completely broken. I haven't been the best housewife ever, either, because I've let the laundry kind of pile up. Well, tomorrow we are leaving for Italy...so something had to be done.

We hit up the laundro-mat, four trash bags in hand, and played cards while our clothes were being washed. It was actually kind of fun...if you don't count the fact that the lady kept talking to us in French and we couldn't understand a word she was saying...and that it cost about 20 euros to do three full loads.

Oh, and in response to THOUSANDS of questions concerning Gracie's passport: YES, it's official, NO she didn't have to include a picture (although I considered it), YES she has to have it on all flights/train adventures, and NO it's not like ours...though very similar! See pics above...


Hollie said...

Hey WOMAN! Thanks for leaving me a comment...I'm so glad you did! I love this whole blogging thing...it's so cool to reconnect with an old friend! Now I can keep up with you! I hope you are doing well...tell the rest of your family I said hi! :)