Photo by: Grefft

I really wish I could take credit for this photo, but I can't. It's in NYC...and it's amazing! But the rain here isn't so magical!

I rode my bike to work this morning...had to be there at 8. It wasn't raining, but in Belgium (especially in the Spring) there is ALWAYS potential. It didn't rain the entire time. Wow!

I rode home at 9:30 and it rained the whole time. I rode back at 12:30 and the sun was shining. I rode home at 4:45 and it rained the whole time. Do you see a pattern?? NO?

There ISN'T ONE! It's the most random weather right now. I guess you could say that "Spring has Sprung?" I don't know...I don't love it, that's for sure!

Monday night I ran from one class to another and as I arrived, my sweet student looked at my rain-soaked face and hair and said, "Yep, Belgium in March."


Russ said...

I hear ya on the Spring weather. I just want to go out and get a fitness baguette but it keeps raining, clearing, hailing, clearing and raining some more. I think I'll go out and chance it right now!

Patt said...

Ooooops! That was ME, not him, on that last comment.