Handy Manny?

Stephen and Jesse (Lyon, our neighbor and husband of my HS friend Lorie) decided to install our dishwasher. Gasp! Let me give you a little background first...Sears arrived and inspected our non-working dishwasher and found that they would not be able to install the new one due to 1968 plumbing--I would have to call a plumber out to fix it, then Sears would come back out and install it. I called the plumber and was told I was "on the list" for their services and the plumber would be by today. 7pm, no plumber. Should we wait until tomorrow for them to come and take care of it? Nah. Stephen and Jesse could do it!

8pm: We head over to the Lyon's to talk about the installation. Lorie and I checked out and grabbed dinner while the guys walked to our place to get started.

10pm: Lorie gets tired and heads home with Maddie, their dog. She asks Jesse how long he'll be, and he replies 30 min.

11:30pm: I enter the kitched to check on progress, and Stephen is holding a flashlight for Jesse, who is on the floor with tools I've never seen before.

1:15am: Expletives fly out of the kitchen while Jesse runs to the front door, water splashing all over our kitchen in a hurry to flood it. I freak. Grab towels. Dab. Water is shut off, guys are laughing! I'm not.

1:35am: Stephen and Jesse head to the Lyon household for "more supplies."

2:45am: Smell of fire coming from kitchen. I inspect the smell to find Jesse using a blowtorch to our pipes. Feeling like I'd said enough during our previous fiasco, I shut up and headed to the couch.

3:22am: After awaking to find Stephen and Jesse gone, on another supply run.

4:20am: With sounds of an approaching "Done!" I head to the kitchen to find a 2x4 in our wall charred from the blowtorch. Brings closure to the smell and my thinking the house was burning down.

4:30am: Finished product is running, without leaks. Boys high-five...I mutter something indistinguishable and curl into bed.

Moral of the story...we saved $150 bucks and lost 6 hours of sleep, but we have a perfectly working dishwasher and two guys that think they are something!


Little Leach said...

LOVE it!!!!

Abigail said...

OMG - too funny! You did the right thing though; nothing you could have said would have changed or helped the situation. When guys try and be handy - they are determined!!!