Stephen and I, along with our "roommate" Brian, decided to take the DART on Wednesday night to have dinner in Uptown. Random, yes, but also very fun! It was full of awkward moments, like when a patron asked me if I "walked barefoot in the Summer," and then proceeded to walk away when I wouldn't give him my name. Would you have? Come on...and of course Stephen and Brian just laughed, leaving me in awkward misery alone.

I digress...the DART! We left at about 6:40 pm from the George Bush Turnpike location and traveled to Cityplace, where Stephen and I had our reception. We surfaced on the West side of 75, so we were able to simply walk to West Village. We had dinner at Village Burger Bar, then decided to hop on the McKinney Avenue Trolley to grab a drink further into Uptown. The trolley ride was awesome, you just have to typically wait 10-15 minutes for pick-up. Good thing for us...we had all the time in the world!! After the guys had a drink (yes, I had water...no judgement) we took the Trolley back to Cityplace and the DART back to Richardson. When we arrived home it was 10:07.

Overall, it was fun! It just took almost 2 hours of travel that we could have done in 30 minutes with a car. It makes you feel very fortunate for having a car, something we take for granted. The train was full of people both times we were on it, so it does make me think that it is useful for some. If you are a fortunate car owner...take your car. It's not terribly convenient.


Abigail said...

I didnt know Brian was your "roomies"- how funny!! The DART provides many interesting stories...I can relate!

sarah watson said...
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sarah watson said...

oops, didn't mean to erase my comment! just said welcome back to the blog and CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I'm so excited for you and I know Kelly is beside herself! Cannot wait for baby Dotson!!!